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  • Cassie K

    Campfire Orange cup Cakes! SO COOL

  • Jane Langdon

    Campfire orange cakes! Hollow out oranges, fill with chocolate cake batter, put top back on orange, wrap in foil, put near hot coals for about 20 minutes and rotate a few times during baking so it bakes evenly. Cake will have a slight orange flavor. Will have to try this someday.

  • Lourdes Shadwick

    Campfire Orange Cakes. Pinning this for the boys for their Boy Scout camp outs. recipes

  • Mommy Reg

    Campfire Orange Cakes - Looks like a fun camping idea.

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Campfire Orange Cakes: going to have to try this next time we go camping! I've heard it's really good.

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Campfire Cakes. I made this with chocolate cake mix inside the orange shell. The orange and chocolate combo was perfect! I topped it with powdered sugar and had an elegant campside dessert!

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i need to do this while camping

campfire cake: Fudge ganache frosting Pirouette cookies "sticks" Melted butterscotch and cinnamon hard candies "flames"

Campfire brownies! Place brownie batter into the hollowed oranges, put the top back on, cover tightly with foil, and place in banked coals for roughly 35 minutes. Orange-infused brownies on the go!

campfire cupcake - I went the easy route with a devils food cake mix & made a delicious butter cream frosting but the graham, chocolate and marshmallow toppers made it complete.

campfires... love the smell, love them any time any place.. I even love to cook on a campfire!