Cynthia Henningsen
• 3 years ago

Step 1: Look at the directions on the cake mix, Step 2: Add one more egg (or add 2 if you want it to be very rich), Step 3: Use melted butter instead of oil and double the amount, Step 4: Instead of water, use milk. Step 5: Mix well and bake for the time recommended on the box.

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cut logs, drill out with a hole saw, plant mosses and ferns, and place in a shady garden nook for an instant old-world charm. YES!

The BEST Metallic Spray Paint - creates the most realistic finish!

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You want to go out without your purse? You can’t do that… unless you have our Girly Go Garter. Carry your phone, ID, and cash in this sexy garter with pockets! The best thing about this ingenious product is the lock-flap pockets so you can bust that move on the dancefloor.

This is cool! When things are too long, just put them in sideways! (No link; just pic)

Plastic toys glued to a surface and painted. Interesting idea for a garden orb.

And lastly, a Southern girl is ALWAYS polite. | 35 Easy Ways To Identify A Southern Woman

Simply mash up a banana or two until the banana(s) becomes cream like -- this shouldn't take long. Once it is in a creamy form, apply it liberally to your entire face. Let it sit for around 30 minutes and then rinse it away with warm water. When it comes to natural wrinkle removal, it doesn't get much easier than coconut oil. Just rub warm coconut oil into your skin each night Pineapple is another great homemade wrinkle remover. Pin now. Read in 20 years lol

Turtle Ottoman- Anyone who has even a marginal knowledge of the Tulip Period would find this both humorous and topical.

10 remedies from the kitchen for every beauty problem

French Lavender Natural Soap - fun way to wrap it up.

1000 Life Hacks

So does hairspray or rubbing alcohol - 1000 Life Hacks

Empty plastic medicine bottles great for storing and shipping polymer clay cane or for odds and ends.

Before cutting corks boil them in water for around 10 minutes. This will stop them from crumbling or cracking when you cut or carve into them.

We're doing polygons in geometry, and apparently I was supposed to learn this in elementary school. I seriously didn't learn anything in elementary school...this is new to me lol. But it's okay I'll learn :) Hold this right? My geometry teacher seriously told us 11 sides was an elevenagon. Sigh.

a Freeze Aloe Vera in an Ice Cube Tray for Instant Sunburn relief. Mind blown

DIY Double Clothes Hangers (31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know)

Buy mesh bags from dollar store and fill with downy unstoppables then place in linen closet for fresh smelling towels and sheets all the time!

dragonfly, sachet, embroidery Beautifully done!!! Would look GREAT on a Crazy Quilt patch.!!

TOOTH FAIRY PILLOW you get to add the date for every tooth given to the tooth fairy. Wish I would have seen this 5 years ago!

Old frame and scrap wood to hide something less attractive. I will want to do this with all four thermostats at the new house!!!!

Make your own Pantry Canisters... I love re-purposing my large plastic containers!!!

What a fun idea...a saddle swing! This would be so much fun to have in the yard :)

Buying like-new clothes (clothes that are barely used and meticulously checked for flaws) is a great new way to buy designer brands for less!