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  • Kristen Long

    Seed Starters: Begin by filling a blender with handfuls of shredded paper. . . . Now pour a little bit of warm water into the blender. . . . Blend the paper and water on high. You'll need to stop after 30 seconds, and push the pieces on the sides down. Then drain off as much water as possible. Now lop clumps of paper pulp into your muffin tin. Starting in the center press the pulp down, and work your way out to the sides. Then start pushing the pulp up the sides, and press the paper . . .

  • Melissa Leger

    DIY Seed Starter Pots Shredded Paper - Water - Blender - Muffin tin

  • Katie Roberts

    Make Your Own Biodegradable Paper Seed Starter Cups! *Fill a blender with paper scraps (no glossy pages). *Pour in a little water at first - blend - add water - blend - until lumpy dough texture - drain. *Press a handful into each part of a muffin tin - working it on bottom and up sides until forming a cup. *Let sit about 24 hours until dry. *Stack in plastic bags in dry place until you use them.

  • Winfield's Emporium

    Great use for your recyclable paper! Shredded paper, water, blender and a muffin tin. Seed starters dry & ready for some soil!

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