My parents Raised me right with good values and morals which is why I chose to become a Republican Girl<3 oh and yes I'm always right... Just ask Mikey

Saved By The Grace of Southern this really a thing? and I'm re-pinning it? for the love of everything i HATE....fuck this!! too funny NOT to post!

I've said it before, I wish we could have Ronald Reagan as President again. God rest his soul.

heck yeah! so me!

Keep calm. You have a BIG and POWERFUL God!

I love rainy days

ha ha

Sexy imagination - Click image to find more Quotes Pinterest pins

Mmm hmm...

love it

haha! this reminds me of college republican retreats!

Gay Marriage

proud of my curves<3

Don't Judge Me cute truth wise inspirational wisdom awesome inspiration pinterest pinterest quotes dont judge life quote life quotes

Friends Are Like...

Real talk!

Definitely Me.

Haha yes, every night! My husband always complains that I steal the covers!


Yes!!! Now if we could just get certain people to acknowledge and follow this........

Not at all!