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    OMG! Her boobs are cross-eyed!

    • angelique Ulrich

      Bad Tattoos: 8 More of the Ugliest Examples of Worst Here's a new slew of bad tattoos to tickle yer funny bone in the worst way! They just go to show that stupid is as stupid does. Funny tattoos ar...

    • Marjory Thompson

      Boob Tattoos, Eyes on boobs, crossed eyed titty tats Bad Tattoo Photos, Worst Tattoos Ever, Ugliest tattoos, ugly awesome tattoo removal, best tattoos, great tattoos, body art, stupid, horrible, ugly, awful, awkward, tattoo remorse, regret, celebrities, fail, omg

    • Kasey Colton

      Shitty tattoo #59: Well...the whole "My eyes are up here" thing isn't gonna work for you anymore...

    • Charlotte Posey

      It's BAD TATTOOSDAY! 8 More of the Ugliest Examples of Worst! Man they are cross-eyed lol!!

    • Embarrassing Tattoos

      Most Embarrassing, Crazy, Weird and Stupid Tattoo Designs Collection #17

    • Elizabeth Elliott

      Bad Tattoos: 8 More of the Ugliest Examples of Worst - Team Jimmy Joe

    • Jimmy Joe Ball

      It's BAD TATTOOSDAY! 8 More of the Ugliest Examples of Worst!

    • maria genius

      Beautiful Eye tattoo on Chest for Women

    • Holly Torgerson

      Bad Tattoosday

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    Get tattoos wisely haha

    #10 Photos. Check out these brave people who have caught onto the new trend of eyeball tattoos!

    Crazy tattoo - truth in advertising, you knew he was lying just to get in your pants...proof! HAHAHAHAH I WAS DYING!!!

    It's just another Monday! You never know.. your life could change in an instant. Maybe it'll be today ;)

    Our neighbors Chihuahua for example!!

    A walk down memory lane... The 22 Ugliest Examples Of '90s Footwear To Ever Meet Your Eyes.

    The owner of the world's worst YOLO story: | 38 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Use The Internet

    Vintage Birth Control

    I'M. DYING.

    Hahahahaha omg

    Funny yet so true... What I always say. Why are we spending so much attention on things we can't take with us when we pass on.

    Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 96 Pics

    Hey! Teacher!



    The Golden Girls are always right // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures