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Makes me laugh - the side effects of having a creative vein, as any real Princess would have . . . . . . ;)

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Not all the time...U dont need to rely on someone .. coz some of the people are not always there for you . They may leave by yurside or just forget u. So sometimes we need to trust and believe by our own self.we need to be strong ..

even if it's not actually gonna be okay, it'll still be okay somehow, someday. time fixes everything in its own way. i didn't mean to make that rhyme.

Stay Classy! Never lower your standers for a boy or anyone. Remember that you were raised to have morals and values.

Gotta teach my girls this one

seriously... if I did, my life would be a boy-crazy, drama-filled black hole of depressingness...

i love when this happens... especially if said plans got you out of something else you did not want to do!:)