Lots of cute canning labels, printable pdf format from sweetpreservation.com

Lots of canning recipes Not your normal ones!

Printable calendar label

canning fresh blueberries

Canning............................love it

free printable jar labels

Use a Mason Jar as a Lunch Box with BNTO by Cuppow

Canning and crafty labeling.

Free printable canning labels

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Canning Pumpkin

Canning labels

Over 50 Canning Recipes

Home canning for beginners. Step-by-step instructions for water bath canning with lots of photos.

Peach Pepper Jam ***This is a good recipe, I added extra jalapeño peppers and it needs to have 2 pectins instead of 1.

7 quarts of Chicken Mexican Soup (For Canning ) Recipe - Food.com - 455868 http://food-trucks-for-sale.com/

Peach Jam Canning Tutorial

Free Printable Canning Labels for 2012

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