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That, however, is not my story. No my story begins much, much later, outside of a small farming village. Blood elves mostly stay within the City, and most of their ventures outside are to find new slaves, human slaves.

the perfect place to end up after a stroll through the garden...

Farm Fresh Eggs, cannot believe the difference!

View from the farmhouse porch.

Living Wisconsin | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

There's always something going on at a farm! This pictures is so great because it seems to almost tell a story. It makes me happy just to look at it!

cows are highly emotional creatures who can identify over 100 other cows from their heard.

Farm Life – 2011 Capture the Heart of America Photo Contest

farm table and eggs...we always had brown eggs, I never knew there were white eggs till I moved to the city ...

I always think about the people that may have lived in these old buildings and what their lives were like