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True story...I made a "minion" joke at work and got into all kinds of trouble for it, from an idiot who had no idea what a minion was (she ADMITTED not knowing, just decided the word was "offensive" to her tiny dumb brain).

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Friday Favorites


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Superhero | Tank Top

Lol yes, please friends

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Group Projects

This is true. A group consists of 1 or 2 people who do the majority of the work, and the rest of the group skates by with a decent grade. Group projects suck.

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19 Resolutions That Are SO Much Better Than Going On A Diet

This cracks me up! Yup, just like riding a bike...or burning in hell! Lol!

I hate when people tell me to calm down. I will calm down when I feel like and you telling me to, just makes it worse.