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Willem Dafoe (born William J. Dafoe; July 22, 1955) is an American film, stage, and voice actor.

Willem Dafoe - such a good actor ... If you haven't seen "Shadow of the Vampire" .. you're missing a very cool movie. My favorite line in the movie .. "I vant makeup!"

+ Exposure. That's the only thing that works. Everything else is just talk. You have to have to courage to stay in the situation that frightens. And then you'll learn that fear isn't dangerous +

Willem Dafoe by Martin Schoeller

Willem Dafoe photographed by Tim Barber

Willem Dafoe-I'll always remember him in my all time fav war movie - Platoon

Willem Dafoe - One of the rare actors that allows themself to just actually let go when becoming another character.

Willem Dafoe- greaT ACTOR love him as Gill in Finding Nemo HA!

CLM - Kurt Iswarienko - Willem Dafoe : Lookbooks - the Technology behind the Talent.

"The worst thing is to get involved with people who aren't passionate about what they're doing. " - Willem Dafoe

"You read a script and its based on 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction', and it goes right in the bin." - Tim Roth