Side braids.

side crown braid into pony

Love the way her braids looks

I wish my hair was that long..

Gorgeous side braid.

I'm in love with this hair, but I'd have to leave my hair semi-naturally wavy to do it right. And she's really tan O.o



Haircut and color kinda cool too. Summer Outfit

Hair #braid

This adorably chic braided, messy bun is SO cute for a #wedding! #hairstyles

dark ombré


Loose side braids.

Section hair into 5-10 big sections than braid each in a loose braid. Run a flatiron over each braid, let them cool down, spray hairspray and undo the braids. See? I told you!

Braids + waves.

Vintage European Dapper Half Frame Round Wayfarer Sunglasses 8819

Lovely color and braids

add some flowers along the side of that braid and this might be the one

hair tutorials!