• Sarah Noschese

    Paulina by Yang Wang for Fashion Gone Rogue Ethereal feel to this creates a subtle sensuality

  • Shanelle Schulist

    So many home made ways to make your hair thicker, longer, stronger or all of the above! Gonna try at least one in the next week :) #Eye Makeup| http://eyemakeup761.blogspot.com

  • Angel Bailey

    homemade hair growth recipes

  • Vanesa Wragge

    I’ve seen this prickly purplish flower many times before but I never knew it’s so jam-packed with nutrients and good for the hair! Can you believe burdock root contains calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins and many, many other precious stuff hair and body need to work like a finely tuned Swiss made clock? Well, I have a great homemade hair growth treatment for you today and I’m absolutely sure you’ll want to give it a try even if you have no growth-related problems! Why? Because it nurtures hair and helps battle some of the worst scalp problems such as inflammations, dandruff and skin conditions! So, mix one teaspoon of each rosemary, basil and lavender oil, then mix 3-5 drops of this mixture with 1 teaspoon of each Aloe Vera gel and burdock oil. Massage this mixture in your scalp, let it work its magic over the next couple of hours (the longer you leave it on, the better), then shampoo and style your hair as usual.

  • Amantes sunt Amentes

    #Bedhead #longhair

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