Braided Crown Tutorial

Another lovely braided crown tutorial, though I'm starting to wonder if these ladies have their hair slightly wet when they're making the braids!

1. brush hair to one side 2. place headband on top of hair 3. twist one strand of hair from underneath the headband and tuck it in(like in the overnight curly hair tutorial i did for the wedding edition) 4. keep doing this until it reaches the back. Do the same for another strand on the other side of your head. 5. When the two strands meet, twine them together from underneath the headband. 6. keep adding pieces underneath the headband to a standard three-strand braid, keeping it loose!

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Curls made easy, May have to try this technique

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This is so easy to do! And pure genius!


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Braided Hair

The "Better Bun"- so easy!

Love this braid.

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