😍Realistic 💘Valentine's Day 🍭Candy 💕hearts. By the way who 👄eats those conversation 💜hearts? Their Terrible👎! They taste like chalk mixed with 💊tums. Does anyone actually love these? Do you say, "oh yay it's finally 💝Valentine's Day, I've waited all year for this, Chalky 💌Valentine 💕hearts, Get in my belly!!!" ❓❔❓❔❓.

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And look where that got them... Dad dead with gaping hole in chest. Brother dead because sister stabbed him. Mother remarried. Daughter married (not) other brother.

SO funny..

The perfect valentine:)


FTFY's Favorite Funny Tumblr Valentine's Day Cards! - Flat Fitty

grumpy cat

Henry VIII Valentine. I'm tempted to pass this around to my fellow English History majors and see who laughs.

(My) Funny Valentines

Funny Valentine Cards

If any guy ever gave me this, I would be his forever.



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Paula Dean - Butter Queen

How does Tumblr love thee? Let us reblog the ways. It doesn't take a lot to tell someone how you feel, on Valentine's Day or any of the other 364 days of the year. Sometimes a p...

this is for every jerk that has ever been mean to me<<<<< I am totally using this tomorrow.

Dysfunctional Valentine Hearts