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  • Pre-K Complete

    My Mouth Is a Volcano! By Julia Cook, Children's Storybook - Great for our Feelings and Manners theme! Pre-K Complete Preschool Curriculum teachers read stories daily during Circle Time and provide children books at the Reading Learning Center. Pinned by Pre-K Complete - follow us on our blog, FB, Twitter, & Google Plus!

  • carly

    My Mouth is a Volcano!: Also Tattle Tongue and others by Julia Cook: Teaches students to manage their thoughts and words without interrupting. Great, descriptive language with some of the text as part of the illustrations. Great for developing social skills.

  • Hanna Fiene

    Great book to read to kids when one or multiple students have a problem keeping their thoughts to themselves. My Mouth is A Volcano by Julia Cook

  • Chelsea Singleton

    Title: My Mouth is a Volcano Author: Julia Cook Genre: Picture Book, Classroom Management I would love to have this book for teaching kindergarten! This book will help students learn not to call out in class. This book would also allow different behavior management plans to come about in the classroom such as a blurt chart.

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