Toothless hoodie!

EMG I SoOo WANT THIS :D How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Hoodie!! *giddy*

Toothless hoodie.

Unicorn hoodie!

Such a cute fox hoodie from Canada Cosplay. I'd get some confused looks but I would totally wear this hoodie everywhere.


The North Face Comfortable Long Sleeve Hoodie

Cool hoodie


Leather and nude

Get On My Finger, Tiny Dragon Ring (as posted to Fashionably Geek)

Jump-from-Paper-Bag.... so cool!

Victorian Steampunk Velvet Coat

Gir hoodie?! Yes, please!!

Captain America Hoodie Pullover

Wonder Woman Hoodie

Snorlax Pullover Hoodie

How to Train a Dragon $399.99

I can't tell if it is the actual print of the hoodie or someone took it in photoshop.

Ladies Superhero Print Hoodie Jumpsuit Onesie.