beautiful indeed


Beauty on the inside is what counts. There's no point in having "good" looks if you're evil inside, and that's what you are #mean #evil #bully #nasty #fugly

Beautiful on the inside that is...

My Favorite!

I find this to be very true...


This is beautiful...

Words and actions


One kind word

Now isn't that true. Some will do anything to convince others they had it bad. Lacking something that makes them need pity. SAD! It's so much easier to tell the truth and be happier.

100% true


absolutely love this.


have always loved this quote; i hung it in my room at rehab & it reminded me everyday to keep going, no matter what other ppl think about my life or the choices i have made! my journey, not yours.


So very very true. I always try to choose my words so as not to seem like I don't care or that they don't understand. To those fighting your silent battles, be strong :) you will conquer all things!