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Go-Won-Go (the daughter of Chief Ga-ne-gan) - Iroquois (Mohawk) – 1903

Go-Won-Go (the daughter of Chief Ga-ne-gan) - Iroquois (Mohawk) - no date

Iroquois - a member of a North American Indian confederacy, the Five Nations, comprising the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas, and later the Tuscaroras.

"A good chief gives; he does not take." -- Mohawk Proverb

Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle. Born 1820 in what is now Rainier Beach. After the 1855 treaty that kicked all Native Americans out of Seattle, Angeline remained in a small waterfront cabin on Western Avenue, near what is now the Pike Place Market, selling handwoven baskets at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.

Skokomish Indian chiefs daughter, 1913 by Legends of America, via Flickr

A Nakoaktok Chief's Daughter by Smithsonian Institution, via Flickr, the Nakoaktok, now known as, Nak'waxda'xw, are a subdivision of the Kwakwaka'wakw

A Nakoaktok Chief's Daughter Photogravure by Edward Curtis, via Flickr.

Mohawk Indian Chiefs | Antique print: picture of Mohawk Indian Chief Tayadaneega by Brodtmann

Mohawk Indian Chiefs | Mohawk Indian Chief Joseph Brant - BE037308 - Rights Managed - Stock ...

When France expanded into the Ohio River Valley conflicts began to start. This turned into a seven year war (1756-1763) In 1754 and 1755 the French defeated George Washington, General Edward Braddock, and Governor William Shirley of Massachusets. In 1756 the British Finally declared war. In 1758 the British won their first great victory at Louisberg. A Month later they received Canada from France and Florida from Spain. This treaty made the colonists stronger. War Chief of the Mohawk by Robert Griffing