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    Free Skyhorse & Mohawk and all political prisoners | Library of Congress

    Early Feminists were inspired by the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois confederacy). Overcoming intertribal warfare they developed a union based on respect, balance and dignity of all, women included. Pictures show Audrey and Jeanne ann Shenandoah, Rochelle Brown, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott and Mathilda Joslyn Gage. "Under Iroquois women the science of Government reached the highest form known to the world".

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    Jay Silverheels was born Harold Smith in Canada on the Six Nations Indian Reserve. His father was a Mohawk chief who had served in World War I. At the time, the Iroquois – like most First Nations people in Canada and their counterparts in the United States – were not considered citizens. As a young man, Silverheels was incredibly athletic and quickly rose to the status of lacrosse & boxing champion. He came to the US to pursue an athletic career off-rez and soon caught Hollywood’s eye, landing him his first roles as a stuntman and movie extra.







    The death of the Great Wolf: 1795.

    A little girl clinging to the bronze statue of an Indian on the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts

    Tattoo markings of Mohawk (left) and Cree Indian males: Tattoo History - First Nations Tattoo Images - History of Tattoos and Tattooing Worldwide

    Documentary Traces Brooklyn's Mohawk Ironworkers: children of the workers

    The Mohawk Indians who put up the city skyline. Pic from 1971

    late 19th century cabinet card of a, probably, Mohawk family

    mohawk's John Deere a family mid 1800,s

    St. Regis Indian Show Company: c1894 Mohawk

    [Mohawk Chief Poking Fire standing before his tipi in front of the State House at Montpelier, Vt.] 1953

    Dekanawida, told us this story about the White, Red and Black Serpents just before he left us.

    John Kane, Mohawk:

    Nancy Beauvis, Mohawk, at Calgary, Alberta.. 1964.

    Engraving from book, Claus, Daniel. A primer for the use of the Mohawk children [...]. London: C. Buckton, 1786. PM 1882 C5 1786. Frontispiece.

    Queen Anne Silver and Bible on display to commemorate the centuries of friendship between the Royal Family of Great Britain and the Mohawk Nation. 1951.

    Joe Louis On The Lookout For Porpoise. He Was The Son Of John Louis, A Mohawk Who Snowshoed From Quebec To Nova Scotia, And Married A Mi'kmaq, Mary Charlotte Globe.