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    The season's blazing sun, mountain trails, and tempting waters offer advetrues galore. Maximize your fun -- and minimize your health risks -- with our best natural solutions for summertime ailments.
    March 21, 2011

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    • Gabriella D'Amore

      Combine aloe vera with cup of powdered milk and 10 drops lavender essential oil let sit for a day and enjoy soaking in warm bath #health guide #organic health #health care|

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    • Anngela Claudia

      Get yourself an aloe vera plant and use it for its many healthy properties! Plus, they're pretty :)

    • Kim O'Brien

      aloe vera is your best salve for sunburn pain. Squeeze the amino-acid-rich gel directly from the plant, or apply a product containing 95 percent to 100 percent pure aloe vera, says Stengler. For a skin-cooling soak, combine a cup of powdered milk with 10 drops of lavender essential oil, says aromatherapist Constance Hart. Shake the ingredients in a jar and let sit for a day before pouring into lukewarm bath water.

    • Chelsey Rondeau

      summer health guide....Aloe vera

    • Mary LaFountain

      House plants-Aloe vera

    • Rach Eubanks

      Aloe indoor plant care

    • Amber Crine

      Aloe Plant Care

    • Kate Hayes

      Aloe Vera plant

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