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Some plants to buy for fairy gardens! What is a fairy garden you may ask? It is a miniature little garden that you can put in a single pot. It is full of moss, flowers, herbs, or whatever small plants you prefer. What makes a fairy garden really special though, are all the little items that you can use to decorate! There are lawn chairs, rakes, pots, bird baths, bridges, and more!

how to: fairy garden house bee skep

HOW ADORABLE!! Broken or dead battery inexpensive watches collecting in your drawer? No problem. Hang them in your fairy garden, glue to a fairy garden home, or find your own creative way to use them.

fairy house from oatmeal container, bark, pinecones | Add a tiny wreath on the door for Christmas

Another View. I did find her explanation of how to place the pinecone roof on the gourd on her 2012 blog! These are soooo cute! She does great work!

Fairy Furniture you can make - Revised edition: Pictures to inspire and a step-by-step lesson in the art of making fairy furniture from twigs. Revised edition contains a new Preface. by Linda Haas

Miniature Flower Fairy Lamp glows in the dark by PinkyDinkyDesigns, $2.20

miniature treehouse

Willow Miniature Garden



Herb wheel...what a neat idea.

Winter scene in an apothecary jar. I LOVE this.

walnut shell miniature garden furniture

very beautiful little garden

fairy house

Another Fairy House from Arthur Millican Jr.

a fairy house!! crafted out of natural materials for the fae- see the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story about the Cottingley faries :)

Fairy home

Make Your Own Hobbiton Miniature Garden!

fairy wind chimes

Fairy Gourd House...

Nutshell house. Walnut with acorn tops.

Best. Dollhouse. Ever.

You can't go wrong with tiny little doors for the fae.