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Do You French “Street Talk”?

My friend Valerie is writing a book called French Street Talk. Those that are interested in learning casual French for a trip or fun should definitely check it out!

17 Feel-Good French Films You Should Definitely Stream On Netflix

17 Feel-Good French Films You Should Pinner wrote, "Definitely Stream On Netflix. Those on this list that I've seen, I've adored. If you're going to give me a romantic-comedy, it had better be either horrendously snarky, a musical, or French."

Common Mistakes Made by English Speakers in French

Each language has its own rules, sometimes confusing for foreign learner. This article will help you recognize common mistakes of English speaking people when they speak in French.

Another pinner said this: "This is some of the best insight into kids I have used or found! The 5 Love Languages of Children. Click on "Assessments" and have your child play the Mystery Game to find out their love language. Find ways to strengthen your relationship with your child, and build up their security by speaking to their personal love language. Also has advice for Husband's and Wives."

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