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  • Rachel Horton

    Tall Container Candle in Hand Painted Green Glass, Aromatherapy *Get tall white candles and maybe use either red or metallic silver puff paint for the design*

  • Janette Hamilton

    Handpainted Moroccan henna pattern candles

  • D Oak

    DIY Lights

  • Kathleen A.
    Kathleen A. • 3 years ago

    baby girl - I don't have any experience with puff paint but it looks really pretty and it looks like it took a LOT of time and patience! But - I would say definitely worth it!

  • ✿ вαвч gírl ღ tínα ✿

    Kathleen A. Puff paint is intended for using on fabric, but that's the only thing I never used it on! haha They do make a dimensional paint that is specifically sold for using on glass, but it's much more expensive and works the same way as the cheaper puff paint. Practice on something much smaller first, I would suggest even practicing on a paper plate, piece of cardstock, anything disposable. It takes a bit to get the right squeezing pressure and when to release to get your line to stop, but I found it pretty easy. Have you ever done any cake decorating? If so, you would probably find it easy to work with too.

  • ✿ вαвч gírl ღ tínα ✿

    @Kathleen A. Here is another pin that I have of a much simpler design done on clear jars which you can place a paper pattern inside to trace the lines, then remove the pattern. I am forever saving salsa jars, spaghetti sauce jars, etc. to use "someday" for things like this. Whether I ever get around to using them, well, that's another story lol

  • Kathleen A.
    Kathleen A. • 3 years ago

    baby girl - you are always so helpful and informative - thank you so much!

  • ✿ вαвч gírl ღ tínα ✿

    Kathleen A., you're welcome and thank you too :)

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