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Hey my special friends both guys Gals...I definitely wanted to pin this because being a Professional Makeup Artist...the question most commonly asked is "How do I know when to use what brush?"...* then you get a starry eyed client say..."Oh... that's what/Where each makeup brush is used for! If you truly need reminding...You can always print this pin put on your makeup mirror!! Awesome Pin...don't ya think?~Kimberly Robyn

from Babble

Eye Makeup Brushes 101: Why So Many

DISCLAIMER: You know youre own face more than anyone else. Some of the things on this chart you may find dont suite your face shape. So use this as a guide and just experiment :) good luck! Makeup tutorials you can find here:

I'm re-posting this for all my pinterst ladies. This is one of my favorite makeup tricks! Makes all the difference. I PROMISE! Try it!