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I know I pin so many pictures of Legolas, but he is beautiful. No argument. If you do argue - your argument is invalid.

I used to have a poster of this that covered half of my bedroom wall...perhaps I should go find it

What did I tell you? Legolas (or should I say Orlando Bloom) has the absolute best facial expressions!

I had this picture in my high school locker. I regret nothing.

Legolas in the new trailer of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - I noticed he seemed different compared to how he is in LOTR, like mean/ruthless.

Orlando bloom looking really cool again as Legolas. He has very stylish bow form.

Legolas. The original costume he was to wear before Orlando Bloom asked for something more tailored and regal, still appears in part of the Lorien scene.

Legolas - the other day, I was shopping with the kids and saw a poster of Legolas. My 6 yr old son says "look mom, there's your boyfriend." Lol.

Legolas is amazing. I can't even get over him, even though it's been a decade of fangirling.