@1858, figured silk- amazing creation! Look at that wonderful trim. Love the use of the fabric to emphasis the small waist.

Woman's dress in two parts, American, about 1856–58. Silk plain weave taffeta, trimmed with silk fringe tassels, machine embroidered net, and bobbin lace.

1850s evening dress.

~Blue silk taffeta day dress, French, ca. 1870~

Day Gown Europe or United States, c. 1857 Printed twill-striped silk gauze, silk fringe & silk ribbon Museum Purchase 2009.5.47AB

ca. 1855-65. Polychrome silk taffeta Drawing pictures and decoration printing Ribbons with ikat. Museum of Costume, CIPE, Madrid. Courtesy: ...

dinner dress, 1860s

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Woman's Dress: Bodice and Skirt

American Silk Dress, 1858-62

Woman's Day Dress c. 1838

Simply gorgeous piece! Love the geometric trim! Wonder if this is a silk sheer. It does not really say, but it looks very sheer. But so heavily trimmed!

Green plaid silk taffeta evening dress (with matching hair bows), American, ca. 1859-60.

One-piece silk taffeta dress, ca. 1860s. Strips of green silk taffeta, cut on the bias, trim bodice, sleeves, and hem. Fringe and jet beads on bodice, sleeves, and hem. Bodice lined with cotton and boned; skirt is unlined. Textile Museum & Documentation Center of Terrassa (IMATEX)

Dress circa 1855-1865 United States Silk

Green changeable silk dress, 1840s.

1866-68, day dress, Philly Museum of Art

Woman's Dress with Embroidered Primroses Made in England c. 1805-10

Dress with Day and Evening Bodices, c. 1853-1854, source: FIDM Museum.

Dress 1850, American, Made of silk taffeta

1863 Dress

1861, French, Metropolitan Museum of Art