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Im sooo in the mood to build a fort a read the hunger games today...

using sheets and blankets to make forts in the house

The Country Mouse and The City favorite book as a child

We never wore shoes back in those days. I used to run barefoot down the road and the stones were hot!

My all-time favorite activity as a child. Our neighbors had an awesome swing-set and once you reached a certain height, one of the legs would literally come out of its hole. So dangerous! Our private elementary school had a gigantic swing-set with the most amazing swings. You could soar so high that even when you stopped "pumping", it could take a couple of minutes for the swing to calm down enough to disembark! I can remember being late to class a couple of times! Well worth it!


If you remember him, your childhood was awesome…

My favorite tv show as a child

from eBay

7 vintage toy Kaleidoscope Paperboard Tube Steven Cross unmarked & Japan ?

this magical toy brings back so many childhood memories of awe and wonder in what BEAUTY means to a 3 yr old child. Blessed images like the stain-glass windows in the small church my family attended. And I loved the way the BIG word sounded when I said it "KuH - Li iii DEEEE oooooo kOppppp" ---- with a great big puff of air at the end.