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Weed killer: 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salt, 1/4 cup dish soap

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Why Use Roundup? Make Your Own Weed Killer

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How to mix up a batch of greener, cheaper weed killer

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Did you know that cornmeal is birth control for weeds? Sprinkle it on your garden and it will keep weed seeds from germinating and growing...I am so trying this!

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Homemade Weed Killer: Mix: 1 quart vinegar (can use white or apple cider vinegar), 1/4 cup salt, & 2 tsp. dish soap. The acid in the vinegar kills the plant. The salt pulls moisture out of the weeds. The dish soap keeps the weed killer on the plant. Word to the wise: this mixture will kill any plant it comes into contact with; it's not selective at all. Once you mix up your weed killer, pour in a spray bottle. Then, wait for a day that is going to be dry, hot and sunny and spray away.

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How to Remove a Tree Stump Painlessly

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#8: How to Remove a Tree Stump Painlessly. Save time and labor (as well your back) with this stump removal method.

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Amazing Organic Weed Killer Spray. 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 c table salt 1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap Mix and pour into a spray bottle Spray weeds thoroughly. It makes 1/2 gallon for around $6.40 It worked better than Round Up killed the weeds on first application. The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of its protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. Safe to use a yard used by pets - Click image to find more Outdoors Pinterest pins

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Natural Homemade Floor Cleaner

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Homemade floor cleaner

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15 air purifying house plants

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Gardening: Homemade Weed Killer 1 gallon of white vinegar 1/2 cup salt Liquid dish soap (any brand) Empty spray bottle Put salt in the empty spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with white vinegar. Add a squirt of liquid dish soap. This solution works best if you use it on a hot day. Spray it on the weeds in the morning, and as it heats up it will do its work.

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2 c vinegar, 1T liquid soap, 1Tsalt....will kill anything! (for all those weeds growing in the cracks of the driveway!)

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eco-friendly weed remover: fill spray bottle with white vinegar and add a few squirts of dish soap. shake. spray over weeds and next day they're gone.

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Natural Weed Killer - Martha Stewart Eco-friendly choices ... Warm weather can coax weeds to pop up from the tiniest cracks in the sidewalk. But don't go for the weed killer. Douse them with vinegar, lemon juice, or boiling water instead. The weeds will likely shrivel in a day or so; resilient ones rarely withstand a second treatment.

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Organic Weed Killer 4 cups white vinegar 1/4 cup salt 2 teaspoons dish detergent Mix ingredients together in a spray bottle. Spray on weeds.

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Got Weeds? Use Vinegar, Not Roundup Just sprayed my neighbor's sidewalk-looking good!

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Critter Spray: this would have been great to know before the bugs ate the garden.