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Canibus has literally shed blood for hip hop - every interview he has done with us has been epic and for a man that refuses to do interviews, we always feel honoured that he chooses Conspiracy Worldwide Radio to contact the world - listen to this massive feature length interview here

He may have cost you a few hours in Google trying to spell his name properly but don't hold that against hip hop's most hardened artist - Grafh can be deadly on the mic when he wants to be - listen to our interview here

Brother Ali swooped onto the radio show at bloody Halloween of all times - great interview along side his label mates Grieves and Blueprint - listen to it here

Lowkey joined us at Halloween on the radio show in what would sadly be his last ever interview as an active artist - knowledge and the TRUTH about the BBC - essential listening here

Consequence stepped onto our radio show full of optimism - you have to admire this guy's work ethic and productivity..just don't mention Q-Tip - listen to the full interview here

People Under The Stairs joined us on the radio show full of beans - they don't have the ability to make bad music - listen to the jolly interview here

Rasheed Chappell is a top boy - listen to our interview with him and his debut on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio

Vinnie Paz joined us on the radio show in fine form for a relaxed and epic interview regarding Stoupe's departure from JMT and loads more - listen to it here

Apathy was beaming from ear to ear when he joined us on the radio show - his new album was just about to drop and he sensed a city of win - listen to this controversial interview here

Macklemore took time out of his busy schedule to join us on the radio show - an emotional interview this one - this was before his XXL cover too listen to it here

Immortal Technique was in high spirits as he entered the radio show once more - he even laughed at one point - The Matyr had just dropped and we had so much to talk about - listen to this RARE must hear interview here

Jus Allah powered his way into the studio to join us on the radio show - expect back to back live freestyles and more JMT discussions - listen here

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The Doors...and a window. Photo: Joel Brodsky. New York, 1967.