Fondant Asparagus CAKE by Sweetapolita ( AMAZING!!! )

how to make a fondant asparagus cake {a tutorial} -no real asparagus is used in the making of this cake-


Rainbow Doodle Cake by Sweetapolita - Yummy layercake w/ fondant covered buttercream icing, doodled on with food color markers. Great idea to let kids decorate their own (or siblings') cake!

Fondant Asparagus Cake via Sweetapolita

8 layer chocolate cake with Fondant Asparagus spears. They have WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands. my head hurts just looking at this beautiful creation!

I'm only repinning this because the "Stealth Cake" cracked me up.  The rest just looks disgusting (and I like asparagus)

I saw this on someone's FB page. They named it Ninja cake. I agree. It also makes me feel like I could eat healthy. Because of the asparagus. Made of frosting. Veggies made of frosting FTW.


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Cinco de Mayo Pinata Cookies - Sugar Cookies with a surprise inside (video)

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Homemade Fondant..great photo tutorial...I have always wanted to try making fondant...this might be the way to start!

homemade fondant 1 bag mini marshmallows 2 lb bag powdered sugar tbls water - put marshmallows in bowl w/water.micro until melted, mix in conf sugar w/wooden spoon.kneed in color.

Cupcake toppers are really fun to make and use for special occasions. You...

DIY Cookie or Cupcake Topper

Press fondant into a springerle cookie mold to make beautiful cookie and cupcake toppers from Bakerella. One day I will get a springerle mold!


Here's a never-fails way to get your kids to eat their veggies& Fondant Asparagus Cake!