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Oh my dear goodness gracious! I want one desperately and to name him Ein! For those who understand, go you.

I've lived with four Corgis over the last 15 years or so. They are quite the characters!

Spaghetti for a little friend- he's so freaking happy and cute!

Corgi with friend. I became acquainted with corgis because my friend, Camille, saw them quite a lot at the barn where she kept her thoroughbred horse. She sang their praises, assuring me they are "big" dogs (my preference) in small bodies (my husband's preference). This reminds me of both my love of my corgis, as well as my love of my friend.

Corgi puppy ♥. Maybe this was Lolli as a puppy. 8)


We needed this set up for our little Winifred when she was a puppy. Collars and leashes overwhelmed her and we spent her first year carrying her on walks to help her overcome her fears! Corgis are solid compact packages to carry!! Much better idea!

Intellectual! My favorite dog is my brother & sister-in-love's Welsh corgi. Makes me go awww! Can't wait to see them all again :-)