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How To Make a Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack — Reader Tips

We are constantly impressed by the creativity and resourcefulness of our readers. Latest exhibit? This homemade wall-mounted spice rack David created for his kitchen. Read on for details on how he did it, and links to all the equipment you'd need to recreate this in your own kitchen.
  • Clare Gould

    Magnetic spice storage with mason jars

  • Gwen Sexton

    Turn Mini Mason Jars Into Spice Jars For Magnetic Spice Rack

  • Katy Strange

    working on a magnetic spice rack, but re-using baby food jars is leading to a lot of stuck lids...might need to spring for canning jars

  • Josie Boehm

    Magnetic Spice Rack from Mason jars or baby food jars

  • Tashtego

    Oh I am doing this! Magnetic spice organization in small mason jars.

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Magnetic Spice Rack - Large Custom Wall Mount Leaf Green Kitchen Decor by saltcityspice

We got this spice set as a wedding gift and I can't gush enough about it! Turns the fridge into a piece of art.

DIY framed magnetic chalkboard spice rack, this is pretty neat, I might just have to make this.

Repurpose a spice rack, for buttons, scrapbook supplies and other crafty items. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

DIY Organize Your Spices With A Magnetic Spice Rack!.. she mod podged scrapbook paper on to it for decoration, and the magnetic properties were still there.

I adore this! I would love to organise all of my spices this way.

I could live in the Penzey Spice store, so ample storage is a must! I actually have a very large cabinet to hold it all :) Thanks, Heather Holland, for creating this addiction!

Spice Racks with Collectibles collect old spice racks and paint in cottage colors to display items on collectibles themselves.

Spice Rack attached to the door- not to deep, easily accessible, won't lose them because the cabinet is too deep! NO wasted space! Brilliant!

It's a spice rack. I hate having everything on the counter