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Wake up!

Bill Maher

Amen. Best weapon in our world.

Amen Betty!

try being informed instead of just opinionated

bill maher

And we continue to do the majority of housekeeping and childcare. .... essentially working 2 full time jobs. Republicans don't value what we contribute and have consistently voted against bills that would protect our right to equal pay. VOTE THEM OUT! Use your right to vote and make your voice heard. This is one step toward creating a better world.

This is just not right!!

Republicans conspiring with billionaires to subvert our democracy. Vote out those that would destroy democracy, Nov 4th 2014.

Believe this with all of your heart:)

Percentage of income donated to charity in 2011 - Remember that Romney's annual income is 21.7 million and he pays 14% in taxes whereas Obama's annual income is 1.8 million and he pays 25% in taxes.

Its true!