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  • Luma Jewels

    #inspiration #design #artdeco #LumaJewels #fashion #jewellry

  • Ester Cellucci

    Art Deco #print #pattern with stunning colors

  • Envie de Fraise

    Envie de Fraises ♡ Is this tribal or art deco? Or both? Either way I like it. I could see using a streamlined version for DIY elements. I can imagine a ceremony backdrop made of fabric or paper triangles all layered to create a pattern like this.

  • Dayle Teske

    Art Deco Print Talita Carvalho

  • Angela Zeballos

    Talita Carvalho - beautiful graphic design

  • Katt Repp

    Talita Carvalho LOVE the color combo

  • Ignasi Font


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quilt - but I think I would want to try the pickledish pattern as a backsplash in my kitchen... sound crazy?? I have no idea how I'm going to do it!

This is a must read post about CHOOSING how to react in situations. The comments are just as good as the post! We are AGENTS unto ourselves! We have power to react in a positive way to hard things! Bri.

Wish I owned this for my social media dashes: A3 by BLINKBLINK*, via Flickr

Tribal pattern--great to use on tshirts, shorts

Love this pattern. Almost black & white. Sorta like a "Zentangle" but not quite. Hey, it's Steven Tyler singing his song "Pink" in my head!!! ;)

kk by Pao Loarte

doodle drawing ... looks like a close up of a dahlia ... bright and beautiful in saturate Southwestern colors ... luv it!

Ashley Goldberg Print Design