Woman at the Café, by Antonio Donghi (Rome 1897 - Rome 1963), 1932

Leon Kroll The Red Tam 1928

La Tailleuse de Soupe, 1933 - François Emile Barraud (Swiss, 1899-1934)

'Ethel Bartlett' by English painter Laura Knight (1877-1970). Oil on canvas, 76.7 x 64.1 cm. Collection: Atkinson Art Gallery. via BBC

Portrait of a Woman Mischa Askenazy

Martin Wehmer | Martin Wehmer’s paintings, in thick oil paint, are snapshots of people in different states of mind and engaged in different daily activities. ss/

Daria Petrilli

Giuseppe Verdi, the celebrated portrait by Giovanni Boldini, 1886 (National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome).

Pyke Koch

This is a Giclee on canvas stretched over a wood frame and coated with a crackle finish. Measures 24" x 40" Made in the USA. Please allow 3-4 weeks.

Lord Frederic Leighton, Pavonia, 1858-59

The Old Woman - Giorgione 1505

Willy Jaeckel (1888-1944): Woman in Yellow, 1928.

Louis Kronberg : La Gitana

Moise kisling

Clare Hulfish

William Orpen - Portrait of Gertrude Sanford [1922]

Antonio Donghi. Prima della canzone 1930

Roman woman, funerary portrait detail

Marie Laurencin (1885-1956), Head of a Woman, n.d., oil on canvas, Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Woman with a Shawl, 1908 (oil on canvas), Derain, Andre (1880-1954)