• Barbara Maioli

    Vintage Pictures

  • Andrea Ruhl

    balance....... life of a cook

  • Andrea Lawson

    Striking a Balance: Summer Survival Tips for Families

  • eSono ㋡

    Funciones del community manager: ¿saber de todo? El reto de especializarse en un mundo que demanda perfiles multitarea

  • IrokoBestBuy.com

    Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either chemically by means of a ...Read more....

  • Gill Dawe

    How I feel when I find perfect shower temperature

  • Cheryl C.

    This is a great photograph from the 1920's showing a man performing his balancing act.

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vogue italia by Lucia Giacani


I am all for going back to a time when travel was chic, and people dressed up for the occasion; Instead of donning grungy sweats and dirty shoes. Snob? Maybe - but well-dressed people are sooo much more enjoyable to look at :)


Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore ~ Paris


'Vogue' magazine, c. 1960's.

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I've seen this soo many times but who cares! it's the the truth!

Stay Classy.

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I'm an old soul baby