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A Return To 'Safety First' For Michigan Nuclear Plant

The Palisades nuclear power plant in Michigan had five unplanned shutdowns last year. It's one of the area's biggest employers, and its safety record is one of the worst in the country. Now it's trying to prove to federal regulators that it can meet their standards. On the shores of Lake Michigan, the Palisades Power Plant is tucked in between tall sand dunes in Covert Township, Mich., at the southern edge of Van Buren State Park.

The Japanese government has admitted that it did not use U.S.-provided maps showing the spread of radiation after the Fukushima nuclear disaster to evacuate residents in areas with spiked radiation levels. Japan's deputy director-general for safety examination of Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has stated that the U.S. provided detailed radiation maps taken by the Energy Department using military planes on three occasions in the week after the Fukushima disaster began on March…

This is a good pin for topic C.) Japan: Fukushima nuclear disaster. This was significant, because even though the disaster was triggered by an earthquake/tsunami, it was declared 'man-made' due to the lack of preparation.

The End of Oil Art Exhibit: Ed Kashi in the Niger Delta

In the Niger Delta, oil turns the rivers rainbow. Surrounding communities are engulfed in the emissions from constant natural-gas flaming. Generations that used to survive on fishing are now jobless and wandering — some have joined local militant guerrilla groups in an attempt to defend their land against the pillage of the oil industry.