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Victorian Gothic Lenormand

If you love films like The Woman in Black, series like Penny Dreadful, dark writers like Poe and others as I do, then this darkly romantic Victorian Gothic Lenormand is for you! The deck is a homage and expression of this genre, and as I created it, images from Poe, the Bronte sisters, Stoker, Willkie Collins and numerous Gothic-Victorian films inspired me. Within you will find haunted mansions, ghostly figures, graves and graveyards, ravens galore, candelabras, and even Poe, Charlotte Bronte, and Dickens make appearances as Man/Woman cards. While each card contains the standard lenormand image and corresponding number, it also presents a secret story; in this way, the deck is different from the traditional lenormand deck. It can easily be used within the traditional lenormand divination system, or in an expanded, intuitive manner, as its own unique oracle. The deck contains 39 poker-size (2.5" x 3.5") cards - the standard 36 plus extra man/woman and a cover card. It is professionally printed on Premium 310 gsm linen paper and comes shrink-wrapped in a plastic storage box. There is also a matching padded zippered pouch with an image of the cover card that can be purchased separately. Images of the entire deck can be viewed here: