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  • Bailey Ortiz

    Friday afternoon snack machine run

  • Barbara Fox

    Maybe we can convince them to add some of these to the break room vending machines...

  • Courtney Garris

    Fridays in the Office | Funny Memes I want to work here!!!!

  • Devan Brophy

    When a chocolate bar just isn't enough. I feel like the vending machine guy who comes to my work should consider this.

  • Earl Hudgins

    Awesome Vending Machine Sells Jack Daniels

  • Annie Laurie

    Why don't we have this at the law school?

  • Kellie Kalbfleisch

    Dear work vending machine filler-upper-people: Why u no put these in the machine? Sincerely, Confused and Ready To Cut Someone In the Office.

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This is soo cool!! Would be fun to do with an old beater car or something

That feeling when you hear sirens in a song and look in the mirror to make sure isn't a cop. Guilty!

It's so true. The pop scares the crap outta me! Dude, I was just doing that tonight and was thinking how stupid it is that I am so scared of it! At least I know I am not alone... Lol

Seriously my favorite movie line ever! I really do quote this in my head all time time! haha

True. more funny pics on facebook:

So THAT'S what social drinker means.

"Dear Diary: I tried to threaten the vending machine guy today, but found myself too weak from lack of Cheetos to even spell the word 'cables' correctly."

*Please let it go to voicemail... Please let it go to voicemail... Please let go to... * 'Oh, hey.. I'm glad I caught you...'

This printer is now called Bob Marley because it's always Jammin' hilarious!

This especially applies to particular individuals that I have the misfortune of knowing...

I don't work on Fridays, I make appearances. Especially on THIS Friday as we wait to hear about the Senate passing S.362 - The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act of 2012! Let's do this thing Senators.