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Do you have a pre-teen or teen girl who sings and dances around the house? At Gentle Guitar we have a songwriting and guitar program just for girls! Try a free demo lesson, visit:

Guiseppe Verdi Composer Study

Mozart is often one of the first composers chosen for a Charlotte Mason styled composer study. He is considered one of the best known and best...

Anyone using Charlotte Mason styled composer study is sure to encounter Johann Sebastian Bach at some point. Although more famous in his lifetime as an organist than as a composer, Bach is considered today to be one of the primary Baroque composers...

A rich and full homeschool education is sure to include some study of classical music and the famous composers who write its music. The Charlotte Mason style of studying composers is an easy and inexpensive way to expose your children to the masters...

Charlotte Mason Hymn Study: reaources

Exploring Classical Music with Elementary Ages

Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers (Digital Edition) • Bright Ideas Press

Over 130 pages of jazz unit studies for just $4.99!

Introducing We Got Jazz! - Look! We're Learning!

Review of: A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers

Zeezok Music Appreciation Curriculum

music appreciation course by Zeezok

Music Appreciation in the Homeschool with Zeezok Publishing - Home - Homegrown Learners

Zeezok’s music appreciation curriculum is everything I have been desiring from a music curriculum and more! From the period music of each composer to the wonderful living history book perspective of each composer, this curriculum is jam packed with information that will keep your homeschool student(s) wanting more!

Homeschool Music Curriculum 18 thumb Homeschool Music Curriculum on the Beat

Zeezok Music Appreciation Franz Joseph Haydn

Zeezok Publishing's Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum has a nice mix of Charlotte Mason, Lapbooking and Living Books

A Comprehensive Music Program by Zeezok

homeschool music history/appreciation and composer study curriculum