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It’s An Arrrzalea

Three-Year-Old Daughter's Quotes


DW ain't having none of your ageist BS. | 25 times you really connected with Arthur | I LAUGHED SO HARD THIS IS WHY ARTHUR IS MY FAVORITE KID'S SHOW

dream big

This is too cute.

last one's the funniest

And while you’re at it, give them a proper lesson in taxation. | How To Raise A Proper British Child In 20 Steps

He Misses His Family Deeply - My brothers camp requires them to write a letter home after the first week.

HUGE mistake

me too!

I know Steven is going to do this!!

Letters From Camp

Second Grade Essay Assignment: NAILED IT

"Remember The Plan, Kid: You Sit In My Cage, I Make A Break For It"

Some Kids Are Just Born Fabulous

Chores for kids by age

I laughed so hard!!!