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This puppy is adorable. The image of a small wide-eyed dog in what appears to be a bucket attracts the eye in a less is more way.

Lovely photo of Marley in the snow wrapped in a scarf. Marley's body and eyes are saying get me outa here and back inside! One of my dogs regularly has this sort of look when she is not getting her own way!! Makes you heart just melt.

Golden Retriever Puppy here to find out more

White English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy. After a long ride...

Love your Dachshund? Find a perfect custom gift by clicking on the image ♥

My soul is bleeding a little.... A puppy and a kitten adopt each other…

St. Bernard puppy with a look that would melt anyone's heart. Look at his paws! Noooo; he won't get big; not at all. hehe.

Adorable.... Saw this on 'Too Cute', it was soooo cute! :o)

Down for the Count via themetapicture #Puppies

Such a cutie! ( looks almost exactly like our Luna)

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