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The Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan | The Dispossessed, BK#2 | Publisher: Delacorte Press | Publication Date: May 13, 2014| www.PageMorganBooks.com | #YA Historical #Paranormal #Gothic #gargoyles #demons

Which is precisely why I love them so. Not because reality is terrible all the time. But books allow you to go on so many adventures that reality does not always make possible.

YA Trilogies That Ended in 2014 (That You Should Read in 2015) | EricSmith

Fallen Series - Lauren Kate

I've read and fell in love with The Hunger Games, Divergent (Favorite Book EVER!), Beautiful Creatures (The Whole Series), The Fault in Our Stars (Another Favorite) and I am reading Clockwork Angel now! Might try and read the rest (Looking for Alaska is boring though...)

The main character wakes up every morning with a blank memory. The man she wakes up next to tells her about the accident that caused her current predicament — and that he’s her husband. The woman’s therapist advises her to keep a journal, so she can read and catch up on the things she’s forgotten from day to day, and this is what we read. What makes this story so horrifying is that you are as much in the dark as the main character. Slowly, she starts realizing things are not adding up.

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND READ THIS BOOK. Fighting through the shelves full of vampires and dystopian settings is this magnificent debut from Em Bailey. Predictable elements: Olive, the heroine, is immediately likeable and Lachlan sets our hearts racing. Unpredictable elements? Enter Miranda, one of the most intriguing characters I've met from Teen Fiction in a long time. With plenty of shocking twists, I found it very difficult to put this book down!

I do this all the time! -K

Best Paranormal YA Cover Nominee - City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare - Cover by Cliff Nielsen

Hands down best books I've read in a while! I know there are mixed reviews and you will probly either love it or hate it but I think the plot is great, the characters have depth and even though I love romance fantasy, I appreciate that love is NOT in the least bit the focal point of this series.

#CoverReveal Teardrop by Lauren Kate | Teardrop, BK#1 | Publisher: Delacorte Books | Publication Date: October 22, 2013 | #YA #paranormal

So true

If you loved Cinder, try one (or some) of these! (Brought to you by Lawrence Public Library - thanks!)

After the End by Amy Plum | BK#1 | Publisher: Harper Children's | Publication Date: May 6, 2014 | www.amyplumbooks.com | #YA #post-apocalyptic #dystopian

Under Different Stars (The Kricket Series Book 1) by Amy A. Bartol - Free with Kindle Unlimited! - Winner of 8 Awards in 2014! - Over 500 5-star reviews on Amazon #ebook

35 Books to Read Before They're 2014 Movies

To read

I loved the characters in this book and how it was so funny! (This trilogy was AMAZING!)