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London (the writing team of Lorraine Heath and her son) kicks off an engrossing story of love against a post-war backdrop of human/vampire prejudices, politics and family dysfunction. The first-person, present-tense narrative is a little jarring at first, but you’ll be flying through the pages before you know it. A less-bleak Hunger Games with a Black Dagger Brotherhood twist.

Confession time. The Draug, Caine’s watery main villains in the second big arc of her Morganville Vampires, wasn’t as gripping as the initial race for vampire survival. With the Draug’s defeat, Bitter Blood got back to what’s best about the series -- the power struggle between vampires and humans living in the small Texas town – and let the reader have it with both barrels. Griping, fast-paced, and our favorite characters at their best. Never been to Morganville? Glass Houses is book one.

Publisher: DC COMICS (W) Ian Edginton (A) Francesco Trifogli (CA) Greg Tocchini After being rescued from death's door by the Ogrekin, Prosper and Jon Hobb find themselves drawn into a murder investigation as the hand of the Vampire Nation moves across the land. Meanwhile, Asa can't believe his eyes as a familiar face is seemingly back from the dead.

Imagine a world where the freedom to read and access books was legally under constant threat from government factions, and libraries were forced to have armed militia of librarians to protect the buildings and their collections within. Iku Kasahara is a new recruit dedicated to following in the footsteps of her “prince,” the young male librarian who saved her from a book raid when she was a girl. An engaging blend of political intrigue and light romance.

Publisher: D. E. (W) Tim Seeley (A) Mirka Andolfo (CA) Emanuela Lupacchino The hunt is on as the Chosen kids raise the dead in the search for Evil Ernie. Chastity revolts against Purgatori, leading to a vampire catfight to end all vampire catfights. Item Code: APR141078 In Shops: 6/4/2014 SRP: $3.99

Publisher: DARK HORSE COMICS (W) John Arcudi, Mike Mignola (A/CA) Tonci Zonjic After shooting a gung-ho NYPD chief right through the head, Lobster heads to the villains' massive laboratory, where he's attacked by two huge steampunk cyborgs!

Publisher: MARVEL COMICS (W) Nathan Edmondson (A/CA) Phil Noto "Fog of War" • Natasha returns to San Francisco

Publisher: MARVEL COMICS (W) Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost (A/CA) Ed McGuinness • Wolverine takes a trip back to Canada... • But when he discovers that an old friend is missing, his visit soon transforms into a hairy situation. • New writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost!