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When you're feeling cold or blue, there's nothing like a mug of hot chocolate to cheer you up. The warmth of the hot chocolate spreads quickly through your body, and the taste of chocolate triggers the release of happy hormones. Hot chocolate makes people happy. But what if it's too warm to drink hot chocolate or you're feeling that it will take more than just hot chocolate to shake you out of your blues? In that case, you should try this iced caramel chocolate. A sip of this cool, sweet…

Sweet Caroline's Corner: "Frozen" Hot Chocolate (Chocolate Quente Inspirado no Filme "Frozen")

Aztec Hot Chocolate

The Aztecs were among the first cultures to enjoy hot cocoa, and we're still loving it today. Ground chipotle chile pepper, cinnamon, and espresso powder make this slow cooker hot chocolate a warm and spicy drink the Aztecs would approve of.

Four Hot Chocolates To Get You Through Winter

19 Flavorful Ways To Liven Up Your Summer Ice Cubes

Chocolate Ice Cubes in Milk (or Coffee) | 19 Flavorful Ways To Liven Up Your Summer Ice Cubes

Pecan Pie Blondies

Buttercream Truffles came out of the need to use up extra frosting. Now they are the perfect treat to make anytime!

Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your tastebuds will be amazed with these Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies. They're the PERFECT blend of salty and sweet!