Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools (20) 8

pretty sure I need one of each of these. particularly loving the mushroom slicer.

Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools (14 Pics) .. LOVE kitchen gadgets

Automatic #sushi roller...JT needs this so he can make sushi faster when there's 20 people eating it! haha

If you don't have this from Williams Sonoma, order one today! This will be your FAVORITE kitchen tool!!

Williams & Sonoma - Baby pie maker. This would make the miniature pie making for the reception much cheaper/faster.

Here Are 20 Clever Household Gadgets I Had No Idea Even Existed. The Last One Is GENIUS.

Produce Washing Net: Clean fruits and vegetables in less time using this net; just put it over your faucet while you rinse your fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dips Clips - this is especially handy for runny dips like salsa to keep it from spreading all over the plate

interesting storage - in the pantry/on the pantry doors?

Shop Chef'n Strawberry Slicester at CHEFS.

Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools (20) 10

Cool and Useful Kitchen Tools (20) 20

Handy kitchen tools

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8 All-in-One Kitchen Set by Akebono Bin via firewireblog: 9 tools nested inside a 'wine bottle' #Kitchen_Gadgets

I just got one of these & I ❤ it! It's a whisk & scraper in one tool & they come in a ton of colors!

Yolkr, the next must-have kitchen gadget

Avocado Tool // Cuts, removes the seed, and slices into perfectly even pieces #kitchen #gadget #product_design

Kitchen gadgets! Herb scissors

This site has a large list of useful kitchen ingredients. Some of them, I really like! Others are sort of useless.