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Clone of a Cinnabon Allrecipes.com

Clone of a Cinnabon-- This is the cinnamon roll recipe that we use, and if you've ever had our cinnamon rolls, you know we're not kiddin' around here. The dough is made in the bread machine, so this recipe is a total WIN.

The most delicious and quickest cinnamon roll recipe! No yeast, so they're ready in a flash and they taste amazing!

Fastest Cinnamon Rolls: this cinnamon rolls recipe really does produce beautiful and delicious rolls without waiting for proofing and rising yeast. Can be used for – pecan encrusted sticky buns, orange cinnamon rolls, apple butter rolls etc.

Cinnamon French Toast Bake - Whats Cooking Love? This is our Christmas morning tradition and my go-to recipe for potluck breakfasts.

Cinnamon French Toast Bake

Cinnamon French Toast Bake: cup melted butter 2 cans refrigerated cinnamon rolls with icing 5 eggs cup heavy whipping cream 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 cup chopped pecans cup maple syrup

This recipe is called "Clone of a Cinnabon".  They live up to their name.  I'm eating one right now, soooooo good!

Another pinner says: Clone of a Cinnabon - The absolute best cinnamon role recipe. These really are as good as Cinnabon. I think this and the lava cakes are the most requested dessert I make.

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls: Fabulous for every morning, though we force ourselves to save the calories!

Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls

Soft, Moist and Gooey Cinnamon Buns....the BEST homemade cinnamon bun recipe anywhere! I will be sticking with this recipe!

Soft, Moist and Gooey Cinnamon Buns recipe: "I tried long and hard to find the ultimate cinnamon bun recipe for bread machines.this is it. They are so soft and yummy!

Easy Blueberry Sweet Rolls with a simple Lemon Glaze.

Blueberry Sweet Rolls with Sweet Lemon Glaze

Blueberry Sweet Rolls with Lemon Glaze. Easy Blueberry Sweet Rolls with a simple Lemon Glaze. This recipe only requires 1 rise and is the perfect recipe for anyone scared of yeast! Fluffy and soft dough bursting with juicy blueberries.

15 Different Ways to Make Marvelous Monkey Bread - eee eee, ooo, ooo, yum, yum

15 Different Ways to Make Marvelous Monkey Bread

Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread with marinara dipping sauce. I make an easy sweet version with pillsbury rolls cut into quarters and layered in a Bundt Pan. I am going to try it with this savory recipe now.

Cinnamon Rolls III Allrecipes.com

Cinnamon Rolls III Recipe - Heres an easy alternative to buying those famous cinnamon rolls in the mall. They taste exactly the same, and the dough is made in the bread machine. (I'll be the judge on that since the mall ones are my favorite)

These Quick Cinnamon Sticky Buns make for a delicious morning meal. This easy recipe is made with HERSHEY’S Kitchens Cinnamon Chips to add major flavor to your next breakfast. This is a family-friendly recipe that will definitely get requests throughout fall and winter.

From chocolate-filled French toast to cinnamon sweet rolls, these bread and muffin recipes are the best thing since sliced … well, you know.