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How to delete or share or do whatever with multiple photos on iPhone. I cannot believe I did not google this sooner. I guess I am not terribly bright either because there is no way I was going to figure this out on my own.

How to fix 95 percent of iOS app crashes. Need to pin just incase it's anything I haven't tried and I don't want to turn my phone completely off to re-boot.

Cracked iPhone screens are an all-too-common occurrence. Have it fixed at an Apple store and it'll cost you at least $200. But do it yourself and you're looking at around $20. Pin: Just in case I ever need this!

Interview tips

Looks like a great way to hang stuff. Must try.

40 iphone tips

Love these - possibilities are endless with different color & design combinations

Just in case this tragedy befalls me...how to fix a cracked iPhone..might as well pin now

40 cool little hidden things that are on your iphone.

There’s a built-in level gauge in the Compass app.

Random FYIs

40 iPhone tips and tricks everyone should know - Take a picture – fast -

Outsmart your autocorrect by typing an extra letter when trying to spell a contraction.

*says another pinner...I love this! Now I can't stop making my icons original! Customize your iPhone icons and make it prettier---and completely unique! IT WORKS!!

40 iPhone tips and tricks everyone should know - Locate your lost iPhone - CSMonitor.com

20 iPhone Tricks You Should Know Like how to iMessage overseas without pesky fees, setting up a personal hotspot, changing Siri's accent (and gender), turning your iphone into a TV remote, taking a screen shot, making Siri mad and more!

New Iphone tricks (includes using Siri as a calculator)

Best iPhone Apps

Ingenious solutions

So this is how Google works?!