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If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me. This could have been said by either one. So true!

PHOTO ESSAY: The Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog - Fido4ever

Just a few reasons to own a dog. Everything in here is so true. Dogs are the best animals ever (pigs too, but.) and they're the best pet you could ever ask for. I love this pin so much I can't even describe it with words. Go get a dog!

Haha! My dogs don't care, but at least it's half right!

One thing my dogs and I have in common is that we never want me to go to work *true story*

Ficar sentado ao lado do seu melhor amigo, não tem preço...

When You Love What You Have - You are viewing Photo titled When You Love What You Have, You Have Everything You Need. from the Category Text & Quotes Tags: Animals Dogs Kids Love & Hate

19 Gentle Giant Dogs with Their Tiny Human Friends

19 Gentle Giant Dogs with Their Tiny Human Friends

Funny pictures about Dog comforts little girl. Oh, and cool pics about Dog comforts little girl. Also, Dog comforts little girl photos.

To that crazy wack job that has a "community garden" behind my house, I'm watching you, and don't ever EVER throw trash at my dogs again! I'll hang you next to the deer on my wall, don't mess with my babies!!!

I may seem quiet and reserved, but if you mess with my dogs, I will break out a level of crazy that will make your nightmares seem like a happy place. (My personal animals, or ANY defenseless animal)

Dog children

Funny Baby Ecard: Yes, my dogs are my children. Yes, I'm going to talk about them as much as you talk about your kids. GET OVER IT. My cats too

I do believe this couple lives in San Fran.

Through the good and the bad in life, at the end of the road there will always be your dog as your loyal best friend. This quote is so true in my life, I live for the simple things- and my dog is one of them.