Use foil underneath, draw with bleach pen, wait 30 minutes then wash.

This T-shirt bleaching tutorial is the best.

how to make your own bleach pen. 1c water, 2Tbsp corn starch, 3Tbsp bleach

Bleach Pen Shirts

For a finer tip on your bleach pen shirt projects...

DIY Bleach Pen. All you need are three ingredients and it's a fraction of the cost of purchasing bleach pens! Plus, you can use them for cool crafts like making your own designed t-shirts (tutorial within the link)

DIY Bleach Doodles T-Shirt Using the Clorox Bleach Pen. There have been other tutorials using the Clorox Bleach Pen, but none that offered such good advice, or did such a great job of drawing on a T-Shirt.

Bleach pen clothing

Bleach pen tshirt

So many uses for Magic Erasers - even ones you never knew about! Seriously, I didn't even finish reading the list...there are a TON of uses!

bleach pen awesomness

Bleach Pen Shirt Tutorial

17. Tie Dye T-Shirt

make your own bleach gel pen


DIY gold foil printing, WHAT! it's that easy?!?!

DIY - Summer cutoffs

Bleach paint DIY